The Scouts are coming

Sept 10th 2016

We will be hosting Boy Scouts from Athens Tennessee for the weekend of Sept 9-11th.
Volunteers are needed for the 10th when the majority of activities will take place.
Contact Chip at if you are interested in volunteering.

2016 Gold Festival and Kids Day


We still need volunteers! Sign-ups will be at the May Meeting.
We also are in desperate need of food vendors. If we can't find vendors this year we will not have any food available.

Loud Mine Outing Completed!


We've returned from Loud Mine!
The weather cooperated (at least on Saturday), and we had 36 attend! States represented included Tennessee (of course), Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, and North Carolina!
We also had visitors from South Carolina who didn't technically participate but stopped in for a few minutes. The Camp Caretakers, Nina and Joe, were really good to us.
I'm sure there will be pictures posted and stories told at the meeting. I hope to see everyone there!

New Community Partnership


We have begun partnering with the Coker Creek Welcome Center to make New Member Kits available more conveniently! More details on this can be found on the forum.

Christmas Party 2015


We had a great time at the Christmas party!
For those who missed it, you missed some great food and fellowship. We hope to see you next year!

Outing Report - Treasure Valley October 2015

October 28, 2015

"We had a great weekend for mining gold and gems in the hills of North Carolina..."
To read more of BigAl's outing report, and see some pictures Click Here!
You can also see BigAl's Video from the outing on YouTube Here
***Don't forget to subscribe to ProspectorAl's YouTube Channel***

Help Wanted!

Volunteers needed for upcoming events

We Need Your Help with upcoming events! Specifically we are in urgent need of help with the Christmas party, and 2016 Gold Festival and Kids day Committee. Please email if you are interested.

Action Alert!

Contact your U.S. Congressman and Senators. We need a favorable finding from the Forest Service to continue using our normal hand tools in the Forest after June 30th, 2015. Thsi ruling could change prospecting in All National Forests in the East!

Congratulations to our New Board Members


The Board of Directors for the coming year will be: Congradulations! to you all.

We would also like to thank the Board of Directors Members from last year for their service.

New Chapter Officers


Congratulations to the New Chapter Officers:
Dave Hansen - Secretary
Carl Talbot - Treasurer
Bill Reid - Vice President
Chip Triplett - President

Gold Festival and Kids Day 2015 Success


Even with the weather Conspiring against us the 2015 Gold Festival and Kids day Event went very well. We had some special guests, about 8 vendors, and a LOT of prizes to give away.

The Individual ARAP Permit has Arrived!


We Finally have our individual ARAP Permit. See the Forum for more details.

Knoxville Gold Show Experience


The Knoxville Gold Show has come and gone. We were excited to have our Vendors and guests. We look forward to this event again in the future!

Chuck Pharis in Sin City


Viva Las Vegas! Our Chapter President, Chuck Pharis has headed to Las Vegas for the Annual Chapter Summit, and Las Vegas Gold Show.

Website Update


This site is currently a work in progress. Though it is very close to completion there are some things here that are still being updated. A forum topic has been started for comments and suggestions. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

May Outing


We're Off to see the Wizard! Ok Maybe not, but we are headed to Crabtree Mine in North Carolina to hunt Emeralds on May 23rd!
Join us on May 23rd! More details can be found in the outings section of the forum.

April Outing Success!


Al Reports that they had a successful trip to Lower Coker prospecting on April 11th. In spite of the high water, several found a little color.
Bill Reports that the Mason Mine Trip was also a success! Sapphires were found and everyone had a good time.
Thanks to both groups for organizing for these outings! We look forward to more great trip reports in the near future.

May Meeting and Food!


There will be Food at the May meeting! Please RSVP to Chuck at More details can be found on the Forum at:

Action Alert!

Chuck is still looking for Vendors for the GPAA Gold Show in Knoxville! If you know anyone who might help let him know.

Mineral Hunting Rocks!


Join us on April 11th as we head to the Mason Mine in North Carolina to get muddy and find some pretty rocks! More details can be found Here .

Golden Retriever saves outing


Reports of a Golden retriever Saving an outing have surfaced. The chapter would like to know more about that Retreiver. If anyone has more information please let us know.
Humor ;-)