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Big Lost Creek
« on: May 29, 2012, 06:11:02 PM »
Big Lost Creek

Land Status: Public; Cherokee National Forest, Ocoee Ranger District, Polk County, Tennessee

Big Lost Creek is a tributary of Hiwassee River.

GPS Coordinates: - 35.16076, - 84.48053

From Maryville area follow 411 South and turn left onto Highway 30 near Reliance. Follow 30 along the Hiwassee River and after several miles it will turn right and leave the river. From there go approximately 2 miles and go left on Lost Creek Road (FR 103). Follow Lost Creek Road (mostly gravel road) approximately 7 miles to Lost Creek Campground (Forest Service). This is the only vehicle access in this area. You can walk up or down the creek from the campground.

Regulations: No Dredging is allowed. Sluicing and panning are allowed without a permit.

Where and how to find the gold:  I have only tried this location twice and so far the gold was mostly fines and occasional flakes. Gold was kind of hard to find, and spotty at best. It is a very pretty creek and has good size. I did best right at the bridge, but upstream shows a lot of black sand.

The campground is a very nice camping location and is operated by the Forest Service.

MORE REPORTS NEEDED. If anyone has a picture of some gold from there please send it to me and I will include it here.
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