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Disclaimer for Gold Locations
« on: May 30, 2012, 06:41:58 PM »
Disclaimer                                                                                 May 29, 2012

This information is provided as a free service and aid to members of the GPAA and members of the general public at large. As with any information that is provided as a free service we (GPAA, Coker Creek Chapter GPAA, and club officers) make no warranty express or implied as to the accuracy of these documents or your ability to find gold at these locations. These lands are managed by other entities and the rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to check the regulations for these areas before you go. If you find anything contrary to what is written in these location reports please contact us and we will follow up and make necessary corrections. The information provided herein is to the best of my knowledge accurate and complete as of the time of this writing. We are not giving you permission to access these properties, we are simply offering you our opinions of the rules and regulations relating to the locations.

Additionally these are mostly remote locations and you should properly prepare and equip yourself for the conditions that you might encounter whether it be wild animals, weather conditions, or potential personal injury. PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE. A little common sense and preparation goes a long way in preventing problems later.

Private property: At some of these locations there are areas of private property mixed in with the National Forest areas. Please pay attention to National Forest markers and familiarize yourself with the locations of private property prior to visiting any of these locations. A National Forest map will be helpful, but the amount of details provided concerning property boundaries can be missing or incomplete. DO NOT PROSPECT ON PRIVATE PROPERTY WITHOUT PERMISSION. This is trespassing and is a crime punishable by fine and / or imprisonment.

By using these location reports I / we agree to hold harmless, jointly and severally, GPAA, Coker Creek Chapter, and its officers from any damages (direct or consequential) whether resulting from personal injury or loss of property.
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