Author Topic: Middle Prong Little Pigeon River - Pittman Center (Sevier County)  (Read 3125 times)


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Middle Prong Little Pigeon River

Land Status: Private; Sevier County, Tennessee

From Sevierville follow highway 411 toward Newport. Turn right onto Pittman Center road, and the road will follow the river for much of its course. There are several pull-offs along the way at locations that seem to get some public use. No doubt this is private property, but at least it seems that they tolerate casual public use. If you are just panning I think you are okay. If you want to operate motorized equipment it would be logical and proper to find out who owns the land (and adjacent river bottom) and see what you can work out.

From Gatlinburg follow 73 East and turn left onto Pittman Center road.

Regulations: Whatever you can work out with a willing landowner. Other than that I would stick to panning. As of July 27, 2012 this area is limited to panning and sluicing only. NO DREDGING IS ALLOWED.

Where and how to find the gold:  The Middle Prong is a nice sized river with lots of is exposed bedrock in some locations. The better gold will be in bedrock cracks and depressions. Look below bedrock ledges and downstream from large obstructions (i.e. boulders, tree roots).

I have been a couple of times and found small amounts of gold. Both times the water was high and I was limited to working along the river?s edge. I have heard reliable reports of pickers being found in here too. This is a great looking river for trapping gold, as there are lots of big boulders and large expanses of exposed bedrock in some areas, with bore holes and lots of fracturing.

Note: Do not go upstream into the National Park Section. They will not be happy, and then you will not be happy, and it will not be my fault for not telling you.
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