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Little River (Blount County) Updated July 5, 2012
« on: May 30, 2012, 09:41:59 PM »
Little River

Land Status: Private; Blount County, Tennessee

From Knoxville follow highway 129 South toward Maryville. Bear left onto highway 321 North. Follow this for 10 or so miles until you pass the Foothills Parkway turn-off. From there go 1 1/4 miles to the parking area on the left. Obviously there are many more access points along the way and further upstream. Be aware that all of the land surrounding the river is private property and in most locations adjacent landowners own at least a part of the river bed. Most of these pull-outs are used by the public and no one seems to complain about panning. There are also places behind several businesses that you can access the river. ALWAYS GO IN AND ASK PERMISSION AT THESE LOCATIONS BEFORE YOU PARK THERE AND GO TO THE RIVER. DO NOT MAKE THESE PEOPLE MAD AT US. ABOUT 80% ARE AGREEABLE TO ALLOWING ACCESS TO GOLD PANNERS. If you want to dredge at any locations along the river is would be advisable to find out who owns the land and get their permission first. I have had good success if I asked ahead of time.[/s]

From Madisonville follow 411 North and then follow 321 North from there, Same directions as above.

Note: Do not go upstream above Townsend into the National Park Section. They will not be happy, and then you will not be happy, and it will not be my fault for not telling you.

Regulations: Whatever you can work out with a willing landowner. Other than that I would stick to panning. The are no permits required or available for this area as none of it is National Forest. As of July 27, 2012 this is panning and sluicing only. NO DREDGING IS ALLOWED.

Where and how to find the gold: Little River is a nice sized river with lots of is exposed bedrock in some locations. Other locations have fairly deep overburden with little visible bedrock. The better gold will be in bedrock cracks and depressions where bedrock is visible. Look below bedrock ledges and downstream from large obstructions (i.e. boulders, tree roots). Also paystreaks in the upper layers of gravel will be present in natural low pressure areas in almost all parts of the river.

I have been working this area for years and have found a lot of gold for the time I have spent there.

My one reservation about posting this information is that possibly too many people will be in there running too many dredges and rules will be made to keep us out. Please tread lightly in this area and don't make proverbial "waves". I have heard of people having run-ins with the Police in Townsend while dredging. Always be respectful and keep a low profile as much as possible. Too late. My "one reservation" came true.  :(

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Re: Little River (Blount County) Updated July 5, 2012
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2012, 05:32:06 PM »
This is a open public area. All we have to do is share the river with everyone who uses it.
Please use the same rules here as we have in the Tellico Ranger area and we will be fine. This is a great river for dredging so lets get along with the locals as we do not want to lose prospecting in this area. Many familys come to swim and play in the water. Give them some room and be nice to everyone. Remember, this in NOT Monroe County. You will have to deal with the local Police if someone complains. The Police know nothing about gold prospecting and all they have to do is ask the city to close it down if prospectors cause problems.
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