Author Topic: Sept 6-8 2013 NC chapter outing photos  (Read 2724 times)

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Sept 6-8 2013 NC chapter outing photos
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:09:26 AM »
Ok, for all of you who were not able to make our chapter outing in NC, here are some photos. I believe we had a total of 12 sign up to prospect with some Kids that came along to play in the creek.
The weather was perfect, the creek was low enough to long arm your dredge or high banker/dredge combo. Everyone found some gold. Some more that others but it depended on hard you wanted to work and how early and late you wanted to prospect. Some also just panned. The burgers and dogs were great and we thank Bryan for setting up a nice grill and cooking for us. Chuck brought the condiments and chips donated by the chapter. We all left full and am sure slept great Sat night. Some of us arrived on Friday and got a head start.
I dredged with my Keene 4" with a 3" reducer to help with the plug ups but still got them anyway. The gold was slim for me the first day until I moved the dredge on Sunday. The gold in this creek is everywhere but most is on a white hard pack about 2 to 3 feet under the overburden. Many got gold right off the top. I am sorry I did not get photos of everyone as I spent as much time in the water as I could. There was a ton of black sand and it will take us a long time to clean all the fine gold out of it. The gold here is only from fast panning. I still have a lot of fine gold to get out of the black sand. Our thanks go out to the Property owner and Allen for setting this up. We also want to thank everyone who helped to get our equipment in and out of the water. David Owens and my back are still hurting. 
Please sign up for the next outing at the same property.
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