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Additions to my Bazooka
« on: February 21, 2014, 02:29:58 PM »
Since making and using a bazooka I am dedicated to its use over my
Angus Explorer.  Here are some pics and additions I have done to it.
First 5 show it  packed up with wing options when needed.  Also close up shows I've used 4 instead of three PVC pipes to enable if needed when using dredge attachment.
Last 4 show hi-banker option as well as the hood I use when using the 1.5" suction nozzle.
I use a small 1" pump for hi banker option and if using the dredge use my larger 7 hp pump. 
Diverter valves used to control water flow in upper and lower sections as needed.
At this time I don't know if this bazooka will handle a larger dredge, am hopeful it will.
This unit will grab gold small enough that I need to use my 3X reading glasses to see it.
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