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whats the point of gpaa
« on: July 24, 2015, 10:46:12 PM »
if theres no such thing as recreational gold panning?  oh wait thats right I can use my shovel and scratch the rocks with it, crack the rocks up, maybe i can do that, and i can cut fish up, but i cant suck gravel and sand and dirt off the bottom of the creek. 
well its a good thing i can go out and look at a blue sky.  this environmental global warming email scandal catastrophe where having im sure will now end good because of governmnet internvention

but what does anything matter when actual real jobs in america, doesnt matter.  flip them burgers.   

i see no difference between sucking tube, swimming in the water, with whatever youd bring out there with you too, and panning shoveling, from each other.  so i dont see the difference between what they'll do to both. 

the economy never matters to them unless they can make the irs rich.  whether you can work to pay for your food or not, they don't care.  that's all it is.  that never ratified private for profit company now telling you your land you cant have that and you dont need it anyway bvecause being profitable yourself is bad for the economy, pollution, environment.  its that silly, thats what i see on it
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Re: whats the point of gpaa
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 ??? I even read this twice.
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Re: whats the point of gpaa
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Ranc4, if you are that dissatisfied with the hobby, find a new one. Your rants are meaningless and surely do not help the cause for those who visit the website.