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Responsibilities of the officers
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These are old but are what I had on hand and are generally still intact

The president shall serve as the Board of Directors chief executive officer for
the local chapter. He /she will be primarily responsible of club/chapters operations including
but not limited to setting goals and implementing programs as well as determining how to
achieve them with the success of the chapter in mind. As the head chairperson of the board,
the President shall schedule, plan and conduct the meetings of members and the Chapter
Board of Directors. He /she will coordinate and delegate the responsibilities of his or her
follow officers. The President will be held accountable for the signature of chapter
correspondence including but not limited to contracts, agreements, and any other business
that may require execution on behalf of the chapter. He /she shall act as operating and
directing head of the chapter in accordance with the GPAA Chapter Program Formation &
Bylaws. In the case of permanent absence or the inability to act in the best interest of the
club/chapter, the Board of Directors shall declare that office position vacant. A successor
shall be chosen by the chapters? board, subject to the approval/ disapproval of the general
members via scheduled meeting or special meeting voting. It is the responsibility of the
Chapter President to maintain liaison with the National GPAA HQ, Chapters Department
The Vice President shall act in place of the President, when and if the
President is temporarily unable to carry out the expectations of his or her position. The Vice
President does not have the right of succession to the Presidency under the circumstances that
the President/ Chairperson is permanently unable to serve on the Board of Directors and
oversee the chapter. He/ she shall also serve on the committee and perform various duties as
assigned by the President/ Chairperson and or the Chapter Board of Directors. Additionally
it is the responsibility of the VP to assist in the maintaining of order at chapter meetings and
to oversee the fundraising efforts and activities during chapter meetings.
The Secretary is responsible for the documentation, reading and upkeep of
all chapters meeting minutes. He/ she will be held accountable for the maintenance of all
chapter records and correspondence. The Secretary will serve as the authorized party
relating to record keeping including but not limited to managing the books, making sure that
the records are accurate and up to par, with the exception of financial records. He/ she shall
?Gold Prospectors Association of America | Chapter Program Formation & Bylaws 12
perform all duties associated with the office of Secretary of a corporation in addition to duties
assigned to him/ her by the President and or Board of Directors. Additional duties include
but are not limited to:
** Documentation and upkeep of the chapters membership roster
** The maintenance of required forms and documents
** Providing Claims Committee forms
** Maintaining the Chapters Event, Outings and Meetings Calendar
** Accessing and storing GPAA Chapter Program Formation & Bylaws master copy
** The preparation of Chapter correspondence (at the request of the Chapter President)
** The storage of chapter files (To be provided at the end of your term to the next
elected Secretary and stored within the local chapter for the minimum time frame
required by local entities in your State who monitor accurate record retention, i.e.
IRS and or Secretary of State)
** Manage and maintain all Chapter office equipment and mail supplies
** Other duties as designated by the Chapter President and or Board of Directors
The Treasurer has the primary responsibility of managing and maintaining
club/ chapter funds and expenditures. He/ she may be required by law document funds and
expenditures for tax purposes pursuant to your State and Federal reporting expectations. The
Treasurer may be required at the discretion of the club/ chapter and its Board of Directors to
deposit chapter funds in an official club/ chapter bank account. He or she will be held accountable
for book keeping, financial transactions and accounts including but not limited to:
** Annual Financial Reports and or Chapter Tax related obligations
** Manage and maintain chapters bank account including balancing the chapters check book
** Keep accurate records of accounts payable and receivable in conjunction with the chapters
** Financial institution deposits and withdrawals for chapters expenditures
** Prepare monthly and annual financial reports
** Collect and document all monies in the chapters petty cash account
(The chapter expenditures are public record and should be shared openly at chapter meetings during the
reading of chapter minutes and or upon written or verbal request)
SECRETARY ? TREASURER: These positions can be filled by one individual.

** Acts as the point of contact for all activities relating to claims in the local sector
**Coordinates with the GPAA State Claims Committee
** Maintains the Claims Committee Rosters (to be provided by the chapters Secretary)
** Coordinates the activities of the Claims Inspectors
** Schedules and plans common digs and chapter outings with the Chapter President and
Outings Coordinator
** Keeps accurate records of claim cleanups and inspections to be provided to the chapter
Secretary and GPAA HQ upon request (Forms available through the GPAA HQ Chapters
and or Claims Department)
** Establish and maintain Chapter Claims Committee Teams
** Keep the Chapter Secretary informed for the purpose of roster updates
** Schedule and coordinate Chapter Claims Committee activities
** Inspect and propose new claims to the Board of Directors and GPAA HQ
** Schedule and coordinate Chapter Claims Committee activities in effort to maintain existing
** Manage, store, document and inventory all chapter equipment
** Provide a verifiable system that will allow chapter members to utilize equipment through a
check out process (equipment should be made available to members so long as the chapter is
not using it for chapter activities).
** Coordinate with the Treasurer to acquire and restock the ?For Sale? equipment
** May if necessary at the chapters? discretion appoint an assistant
** Coordinate with the Chapter VP ways to acquire gold and merchandise for fundraising
efforts (i.e. meetings, raffles, events, gold shows, etc.)
** Inventory and maintain fundraising equipment
** Complete an accurate accounting form to be presented, along with all monies acquired post
fundraising efforts to the Chapter President and Treasurer for verification
** Schedule and coordinate Chapter outings.
** Prepare in coordination with the President, a list of proposed outings for the upcoming
calendar year (this will be presented upon completion to the chapter and its members for
** Coordinate with your State Director to schedule statewide outings (all officers are expected to
keep the President well informed to this regard)
Coker Creek Chapter President 2015-2017