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State Directors Year in Reveiw
« on: November 10, 2017, 06:14:26 AM »
Greeting from The Great State of Tennessee!

  There have been a number of big changes in Tennessee GPAA in the past year.  From My taking on the position of State Director to the loss of the Godwin Property, the first Statewide outing, to the recent announcement that there will be a GPAA Sponsored "Diggers Expedition"somewhere in the Coker Creek Gold Belt Region next year.

  Over coming the loss of the Godwin lease has been difficult.  The search has had it's ups and downs.  That continues to be a process that may take months yet to overcome.  Most recently some exciting local developments have occurred.  These have opened some properties to potential use, and some new potential allies in the attempts to reopen some popular areas that had been closed.  These developments have been largely as a result of local members seizing on opportunities they were aware of to advance our cause.

  Our State wide outing was a success though few actually attended.  We found pretty good gold at Curvins and will be planning another statewide outing in 2018.  I will be looking for suggestions for that location, I am reviewing GPAA Leases for this event, perhaps heading north this year.

  I am also excited that we have enough interest in the Nashville area to offer and interest group meeting for a potential new chapter in the state.  I feel this has been needed for some time since we have chapters already representing the Western and Eastern Grand Divisions of the State.  There has been interest in some local businesses is supporting this group and possible host locations made identified.  More on this as the plans come to fruition, but we're looking at a potential February meeting Date.  I am hoping our existing chapters will welcome this new group, helping them get off the ground with advice fitting the volunteer spirit of the state.

  Finally there are some changes coming.  The details have not been fleshed out yet, but the State Directors are working to unify some of the tasks they are responsible for to speed up those processes.  This will also extend to some updates that will be seen with the Chapter structure and by-laws.  I am personally involved in some of these updates, and am excited about the positive efforts that are being made by State Directors from all over the country to provide standardized documentation that will work for all chapters regardless of their size or situation.

  As always I am available to assist with any questions you may have directly.  I can be reached at, or at 423-371-3049,  Please leave a message is I cannot answer and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


GPAA State Director

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