Author Topic: Aurora Mining Products AMP New stuff  (Read 732 times)


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Aurora Mining Products AMP New stuff
« on: December 11, 2017, 07:38:16 AM »
AMP has new stuff. some of you may already have a AMP sluice. (recon, or Expedition). They are super light easy to use fluid bed sluices. I have the recon. i really like the way it works. the only down side to this gold getting machine was it was difficult to set up and tune. once set it works like a dream but it is a real chore setting it up the initial time? until now. Kevin Bell has made a stand that will fit both the Recon and the Expedition. its a snap to set up and allows you the remove and replace the sluice for cleanouts in seconds. you can see this stand in action on kevins new Video if you have on of AMPs sluices youll want one his stands. Also he is going to production on a new sluice called the Titan, this is like the bazooka as it is a shovel onto it sluice, no classifying. you can contact Kevin about preordering the titan. Hes told me to mention my name; (Pastor Sam) for a discount to our chapter members... with that said those who own an AMP sluice will want to look at the stand he has made for them... be blessed...
my videos on youtube are under Pastor sam and Victoria. I have several playlist so look at the prospecting list for some goofy prospecting vids, Be blessed, and enjoy!