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Middle Coker Creek
« on: May 16, 2012, 10:44:15 PM »
Middle Coker Creek

Land Status: Public; Cherokee National Forest, Ocoee Ranger District, Polk County, TN

This is the area of Coker Creek that goes from Coker Creek Falls up toward highway 68.

GPS Coordinates: 35.20208, -84.35002

From Tellico Plains follow 68 South through Coker Creek until you come to the Polk County line. Go 1/10 mile past the county line and pull out to the right at FS 2137. This road is gated so you will have to park at the gate (do not block it) and walk in. The walk is about 1/2 mile. You will bear to the right and down the hill at the point closest to the creek. The problem is that you can't see the creek form the trail and there are not markers or landmarks to reference where to leave the trail. You have to miss a swampy area to get there. If you pick the right spot it's only about 100 yards to the creek from where you leave the trail. There is private property not too far upstream so pay attention to the boundary markers. Maybe I can put a marker on the trail to show where to turn off.

Other creeks in the area: As you go down the trail toward Coker you will cross a couple of small branches within the first 1/8 mile. These have some fine gold. If you keep following the trail about 1 mile from highway 68 the trail will cross and nice small creek. There is decent fine and flake gold in here too. If you follow it upstream you will see a small branch entering on the left. Good fine gold in here as well.

You can also access this area from the Coker Creek Falls parking area and go upstream. GPS Coordinates: 35.19748, -84.36934

Regulations: No Dredging is allowed. Sluicing and panning are allowed without a permit.

Where and how to find the gold:  I have only tried this location twice and so far the gold has been fines and flakes. I suspect that if you try long enough you will find larger gold too. The creek is mostly flat and winding through here like at Doc Rogers but larger, and seems to have a good amount of overburden. Bedrock is visible in some places, but tends to be somewhat deep for panning.
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