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Tellico River
« on: May 21, 2012, 07:44:30 PM »
Tellico River

Land Status: Public; Cherokee National Forest, Tellico Ranger District, Monroe Co., TN

Access:  Access is via 165 (Cherohala Skyway) out of Tellico Plains. After several miles 210 (River Road) will break off to the right and follow the river up to the state line. Access is via several paved and unpaved pull-offs including Tellico River, Wildcat, and Oosterneck overlooks.

Regulations: Dredging is allowed year round with the permit. Sluicing and panning are allowed with a permit. Access with a dredge can be difficult at some of the locations due to the steep bank. There is a ramp at the Oosterneck overlook that makes for better access.

Where and how to find the gold:  Contrary to popular belief there is gold in here. It is very spotty and seems to be best for dredging. The gold can be hard to find at times. Keep moving and sampling until you find it. Before dragging in a dredge I highly recommend doing a lot of sample panning to determine the location of a good area. There is ample bedrock and the better gold will be in bedrock cracks and depressions. Gold is minimal in gravel bars. The gold seems to get better further downstream.

Note: I have heard a report of a sizeable amount of gold (mainly pickers and nuggets) being found by a dredger a couple of years ago.

The gold in the photo below was acquired during 3 hours of crevicing with hand tools.

Here is a link to a short video is shot at Tellico River of me doing some crevicing. I can't figure out how to embed it.

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