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Crisson Mine MineLab GoldHog

TN Gold

Tim's LeGrand's site

Alabama Gold Camp

The alabama gold camp is a great place to prospect. The amount of gold you get is great! They are making tons of improvements - Even WI-FI internet access.

GPAA Main Web Site

Main site for the GPAA, and LDMA. Informational forums to learn about prospecting. Nation wide prospecting club.

VA - Gold

The Largest east coast prospecting forums that I am aware of.

Gold N Gem Grubbin!

Now this is a must visit destination. One of the absolute best pay per pan places I have been to. Pan in the flume, or in town creek. Dredge, high banker, sluice or pan from their piles right out of their mine pit. Great gold here folks. - Tim

Crisson Gold Mine

Another popular "pay per" panning location. Located in Dahlonega Ga - has a great miners store too.

Weekend Gold miners Club

A north Ga based gold prospecting club. They have several good properties around north Ga. Their forums are a great resource of information.


One of the largest gold prospecting video sites on the net. Download and watch them for free. They have a great forum also. Here is their main site/forum link:


The New 49ers

A Super website with tons of great info Lots of interesting stories and free prospecting clips and pay prospecting clips. A great place to go for Q&A.


Gold Price monitoring site

Gold value Calulator

This site will estimate the value of your gold and precious metals. Be aware any metal you've mined is not 100% pure, that can make a significant difference in the sale proce.