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Pan for Gold in Tn:

There are many places in Tennessee to pan for gold.

One of the most popular places, is around Coker Creek and Tellico Plains.   There is good gold in this area, and finding it is not too hard, once you know how.

I have found gold in Coker Creek in several areas.  You can go to the south end near where it enters the Hawassee River, or you can go up into the town of Coker Creek, to Doc Rogers Field.  There is pretty good gold along the top inch or two above clay layers, so once you hit clay, just skim off the top and pan it out. 

If you have any friends that live along Coker Creek, ask them if they would allow you to pan for gold in their part of the creek.  Chances are good, that if they don't allow dredging or prospecting on their property normally, that you will do well above average.

Also, you can pan in any of the creeks allowed in the dredging permit.  I haven't been to most of them, but rumor has it, that Wildcat Creek is pretty good.  It is just a good hike to get into it.

If you live up closer to the north, or are visiting the tourist areas,  Gatlinburg has a creek running right through town.  You will often see kids fishing for trout in this stocked creek.  I have also been told that you can pan in this creek.  One person said they did pretty good, right outside their motel.

There is also the little river up near Knoxville but towards the mountains.  There is gold there, but you can't dredge there.

You are, for the most part, free to use a gold pan in any state-owned waters, but most of the gold is found along the mountain chain nearest to the North Carolina border.

Good luck, and keep an eye out for timber rattlers...  I have seen them at the water edge sitting under rocks with their heads sticking out.


Tim LeGrand,

TN Gold Co.

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