You Know You Have Gold Fever If...

  1. You have a weekly ritual of visiting all landfills and dumps to collect old bathtubs, PVC pipe, window screen, kid slides, inner tubes and 5 gallon buckets in addition to everything else that can fit into you truck and can be creatively turned into a gold catching accessory.
  2. You are determined to have the full collection of GPAA/LDMA products and must always wear one for show.
  3. You prospect for gold in rain, shine, sleet, snow and laugh at bears and snakes that get in your way.
  4. You spend over $500 in a "Dollar or Less" store on stuff that would make excellent 'gold finding tools'.
  5. You see the potential for finding gold in very odd places that gold has never been found before, thus, digging anywhere there is dirt, rocks or a creek.
  6. You discover the ease in purchasing a little 'Felix Pay Dirt' to fluff up your gold vial so bragging about more gold in less time is more fun.
  7. You find yourself never really telling the whole truth about today's findings...Especially until you see what your buddy miner has got down the stream from you.
  8. If you are a lady prospector, you find yourself substituting your purse contents for more useful necessities...your hairbrush becomes a rock pick, your perfume is a sucker bottle, your nail polish and lipstick is gold vials and your eyebrow tweezers take on an entire new meaning!
  9. Instead of dreaming about the perfect vacation being a cruise to the Bahamas or a visit to Disneyworld with the kids and grandkids, you dream of Loud Mine, Alaska or Stanton where you can spend your days shoveling tons of dirt while handling a 75 pound vacuum hose and pouring hundreds of 5 gallon buckets full of dirt and rocks through your dredge in the melting hot sun while being ate up by bugs and mosquitoes. Not to mention the occasional encounter with snakes, bears, wild boar and whatever that area wilderness has to offer all for that wonderful sight of a little gold color...

Thank You Lord for Gold Fever!

By Jacki