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Gold prospecting lessons in Tennessee:

When you join the GPAA, you get the Sure Fire Panning Methods video.   That shows you several great panners that go through and explain their ways of panning.  It is a great starting point.

You can also get gold panning lessons by finding a prospector to go panning with.  A lot of us will take new people out, and show you the ropes.  Panning isn't hard... it just takes a lot of practice.  Get on the forums and find someone in your area. The more you practice gold panning, the faster and better you will get at it.

Also, if you can, you should get a cement mixing tub from Lowes or Home Depot.  They are black, and rectangle shaped - usually in 2 sizes.  They make great panning tubs.  The larger one is only a few bucks more, and you will find it is worth it to go with the larger one.

Buy some gold dredge concentrates from someone, and practice with them at home, and you will get better and better. 



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